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Conversource Custom Stocks your critical flexo printing supplies to keep your presses running. Never miss a deadline with Same Day Shipping.

Dedicated Customer Service Representatives


You have a passion for printing.  To keep your presses running, we provide a team of dedicated professionals who focus on helping you manage your consumable supplies and auxiliary equipment.  In fact, we are so committed to our customers' success that Conversource assigns a designated customer service representative dedicated to serving you and your team.


Dedicated CSRs - How It Works:


An experienced Customer Service Representative is assigned to personally attend to all the details associated with your changing needs and every purchase order.  Your dedicated CSR is proactive in communicating with you, staying abreast of changes in your business and your printing needs.  Our CSRs serve you by anticipating your needs and helping you save money.  When you are dealing with a challenging print job or look to improve your print quality, our CSRs are here to help you with their experience and industry knowledge.  And, when appropriate, your dedicated CSR will serve as point guard for bringing in technical experts to help you with prepress or on-press issues.


We believe your time is far too valuable for you to fight through a number of automated voice-response-unit options to reach someone who can help you.  Your dedicated CSR and team stands at the ready to serve you.


When you call Conversource, you will not be thrown into voice-mail jail.  You reach a live person.  Our personalized service is one more small way we express our deep appreciation for our customers who place their trust in Conversource.


The professionals at Conversource serve as an extension of your staff.  We focus on implementing innovative solutions to help your business grow profitably.  At Conversource, our people are problem solvers and help take care of all the back office details so you can focus on what you do best - printing.

Recommended Eco-Friendly Solution that minimizes waste, replaces hazardous material or reduces landfill.

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Recommended Eco-Friendly Solution that minimizes waste, replaces hazardous material or reduces landfill.